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October 11, 2020

International Day of the Girl

Girl Effect uses the power of media to unlock the power of girls

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We’re done waiting. It’s time to give girls control.

The world is shifting but not fast enough. Progress made towards gender equality could be lost with the impact of Covid-19. We have a choice. We can let things slip backwards, or we partner, innovate and invest to rebuild a world more just, more equal than what existed “before”. We choose progress.

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We reach millions of girls

We reach girls in 20 countries across Africa & Asia. Our media programs - like our TV drama in Ethiopia - reach over 20 million and our digital products - like our AI-powered chatbot called Big Sis - reach 10.8 million.

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When a girl unlocks her power to think, feel and act differently, her behaviour changes, and that inspires other girls to change too.

How we work

Through media and tech, Girl Effect helps girls understand and value their bodies and health, their education and skills that can earn a living. We have a holistic approach and look at a girl’s whole life. We reach girls directly, not through their parents or teachers.

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We serve girls
by listening to girls

TEGA, our network of tech enabled girl ambassadors, interview girls in their communities giving us unique insights into girls lives, in close to real time, even during this pandemic.

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We deliver
measurable impact

Working with girls and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, we invest in the health of the next generation, building knowledge and trust in vaccinations and encouraging girls to actively protect their health.

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We are driven
by innovation

Focussed on designing girl-centred tech, we create world-class content and products that millions of girls use and love - in ways that enable them to change their lives

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