Breaking down negative attitudes and behaviours that prevent girls accessing the HPV vaccine

Killing more than 260,000 women every year, cervical cancer is a major threat to girls in the developing world. In a game-changing $10m collaboration, Girl Effect and Gavi are working together to leverage the power of brands to build girls’ demand for the HPV vaccine and encourage girls to use health services at critical times in their lives. The approach creates demand for HPV vaccine supply, while empowering girls to grasp all opportunities within their reach.

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Our partnership with Girl Effect is an opportunity to bring this vaccine to the attention of girls who are at risk of missing out on its lifesaving impact.

Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of GAVI

HPV infection is the main cause of cervical cancer globally, and without large-scale interventions in both prevention and control, the number of deaths is forecast to rise to 416,000 by 2035. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, has an ambitious 2020 target of vaccinating 40 million adolescent girls in a scaled rollout of the HPV vaccine. Innovative communication strategies that build demand for the HPV vaccine will be essential to sustained immunisation success. Through our youth brands, we are collaborating with Gavi and its other Alliance partners to increase girls’ uptake of the vaccine.

The four-year partnership, kicked off in 2016, works to understand what girls already know about the HPV vaccine, then activates our youth brands; magazines, radio shows, music and more, to increase girls’ knowledge and shift their attitudes towards the vaccine and other health services.

The partnership integrates robust monitoring and evaluation processes to not only measure the impact of our youth brands on supply-side uptake, but also how the power of a brand can drive positive health outcomes more broadly. The research will make the case for more holistic, girl-centred strategies to drive behaviour change and create new opportunities in delivering integrated adolescent health models.


Launching our partnership

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