The world’s largest Muslim country, Indonesia is a hugely diverse nation with more than 300 languages spoken and hundreds of ethnic groups. As Southeast Asia’s largest economy, there is real opportunity to create long-term change for the five million girls living across Indonesia’s islands. 

Currently, girls have relatively high levels of access to education and health services. But gender divisions mean they struggle to fulfil their potential, and cultural taboos restrict their access to vital information. Many communities are also tarnished by violence, crime and drug use, but with media coverage raising girls’ awareness, the appetite for change is strong.

Safety and security

52% of girls 

aged 14-19 experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime

(UNDP and USAID, 2016)

Sexual health

Under 30% of young people

understand how a woman becomes pregnant

(UPR Submission, IPPA & Sexual Rights Initiative, 2012)

Mobile access

67% of adolescents 

in Indonesia have access to mobile phones

(Gayatri et al, Digital citizenship safety amongst children & adolescents, 2015)

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