Access to mobile in Tanzania has nearly quadrupled since 2010, bringing with it better access to key services and improved economic productivity. It is also home to one of the world's youngest populations, with 50% under the age of 18. There is an unprecedented opportunity to reach girls in Tanzania with digital content, generating demand for and linking to services. 

Despite this, a girl growing up in Tanzania faces many challenges - societal norms place an expectation on adolescent girls to support family finances, get married early or run a household. With limited formal employment opportunities available, young people are encouraged to be enterprising and Tanzanian girls and boys rise to the challenge finding creative ways to generate multiple sources of income. 12% of adolescents are in work and 41% of young people are running a side hustle or small business. Girls’ side hustles are most likely to be selling food or tailoring, sources of income that are often unreliable and incompatible with completing education.

Girls' agency

1 in 4 girls

in Tanzania complete secondary school

(World Bank Group, 2019)

Mobile access

63% of young people

in Tanzania own their own mobile phone

(Well Told Story, 2017)

Employment opportunity

3/4 of youth employment

in Tanzania is in agriculture

(IDRC and Mastercard Foundation, 2015)

Our work in Tanzania



Our TEGA research solution is now live in Temeke, Dar es Salaam, allowing girls to deliver accurate, fast insights into the lives of young people and providing real-time feedback for Girl Effect and our partners.

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Tujibebe is a mobile-based brand that unites young people through shared experiences; inspiring, supporting and guiding young people to make positive choices about their futures, together

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Vodafone Foundation

Vodafone Foundation

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