South Africa

South Africa ranks highly in the Global Gender Index on issues including health, survival and education, meaning there is immense scope for change as girls reach adolescence.

However, the Apartheid-era inequalities that still plague social and economic systems have normalised transactional sex and domestic abuse, while the country also has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world.

But with one of the most sophisticated mobile ecosystems on the continent, many girls in South Africa have unrestricted mobile and internet access. This gives us the ability to reach girls wherever they are, creating an unprecedented opportunity for change.

Mobile opportunity

Over 76% of girls 

aged 15-19 own a mobile phone

(South Africa Demographic and Health Survey, 2016)

HIV infections

Nearly half

of new HIV infections in South Africa are among young people aged 15-24

(Miller CL, Nkala B, Closson K, et al, 2017)

Prevalence of depression

41% of adolescents 

in Cape Town have a high prevalence of depression

(Jayati Das-Munsh et al, 2016)

Our work in South Africa

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