Rwanda has made real progress when it comes to gender equality. Women currently hold 64% of parliamentary seats, and a similar ratio of boys and girls enrol in primary school. Yet most girls still do the majority of household chores, meaning they have less time to pursue other interests or study, and as a result, they have fewer opportunities to go to university.

But girls across Rwanda are beginning to imagine a role for themselves beyond the home - they’re starting to move into traditionally male-dominated industries, with the support of their families and communities. By overcoming social expectations and fulfilling new ambitions, girls are helping to lift all of Rwanda.

Barriers to education

Just 39% of girls

enrol in lower secondary school 

(Ministry of Education, 2016)

Physical violence

25% of girls

aged 15-19 have experienced physical violence in their lifetime 

(DHS, 2015)

Sexual pressure

88% of girls 

who had sex before they were aged 18 reported it as coerced 

(CLADHO, 2016)

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