A groundbreaking, award-winning approach to adolescent research

TEGA is a mobile based, peer-to-peer research app used by some of the world’s leading development organisations to provide safer, faster, more scalable and authentic research around the world. 


TEGA has had significant impact on the way we work. It has much value in the humanitarian sector.

Nick Lacey, OXFAM Protection Coordinator
John Kerry

I salute you for your courage, your vision and commitment to try to change things

John Kerry, Former US Secretary of State, meeting TEGAs in Nigeria

Uncovering powerful new insights about those living in hard to reach communities

TEGA empowers adolescent girls to conduct research, via innovative mobile technology, to provide safer, faster, more scalable and authentic research into young people's lives around the world.

In order to drive meaningful change, accurate data and insights are required to understand challenges and inform programming. However, conventional research methods can have serious limitations - they can be slow, expensive and intimidating.  

Girl Effect wanted to tackle this challenge head on. Girls aged 18-24, living within these communities, are employed and trained via bespoke smartphones to become Market Research Society (MRS) qualified researchers and Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGAs). 

Insights collected by TEGAs help organisations better understand the reality of girls’ lives, meaning better designed, more targeted development programmes that have real impact. TEGA is now operating in hard to reach communities in Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, India, Bangladesh and the USA.

The TEGA app enables surveys to be sent direct to the girls themselves, so that they can conduct research and send the findings back to Girl Effect’s highly secure, multimedia content hub which houses the data and instantly analyses it programmatically.

TEGA approach

TEGA formative research FINAL

Formative research

TEGAs can confidently conduct interviews with girls, boys, adults and community leaders, revealing candid information to help understand issues or inform programme and product design

TEGA creative testing FINAL

Concept & creative testing

TEGA research is agile, it is great for getting fast feedback from audiences. TEGAs can instantly capture reactions to new content approaches and feed insights back into the design process

TEGA monitoring and evaluation FINAL

Monitoring & evaluation

TEGAs collect qualitative and quantitative data, putting them in a unique position to regularly provide insights to improve the quality of programmes

Our network

364 qualified TEGAs

are now collecting authentic insights into their communities

Our reach

6 countries

TEGA networks are live in Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, India, Bangladesh and the USA 

Our research

Over 145,000 items

of rich media and data collected by TEGAs in some of the hardest to reach communities in the world

TEGA awards & endorsements

Although still a relatively new concept, TEGA has won multiple awards and endorsements for its innovative research methodology and technology. 

MRS awards

‘Best Innovation’ by the Market Research Society in 2016

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Fast Company

Honorable mention in ‘Social Good’ category of Innovation by Design awards

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Published by MIT D-Lab as a leading example of Lean Research practice

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Using authentic insight to help girls access modern contraception

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Leveraging TEGA to improve educational outcomes for America’s youth

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