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Springster is a global mobile-first platform, which celebrates the diverse, inspirational and convention-defying experiences of girls all over the world. 

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I come from a broken home and Springster makes it easier to talk about it.

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The site answers our questions and helps us understand what we're going through.

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Empowering girls through mobile technology

A mobile-first global platform, Springster digitally connects marginalised and vulnerable girls around the world. Featuring content designed for girls and created by girls, the platform puts essential, tailored information directly into their hands, and helps them find meaning and strength in each other’s experiences.

As a content partner on Facebook's Free Basics and in partnership with local mobile operators, the platform (formerly known as Girl Effect Mobile) is available to girls globally who have access to a mobile phone, for free with no data charges (on Free Basics mobile networks).

With millions of girls in the global South now using mobile technology, the platform educates and inspires them on key social issues – including health, education, financial security and personal safety.

Based around an inclusive and dynamic culture of sharing real-life experiences, polls and advice, girls not only learn from each other, but also cultivate their own sense of self-belief and resilience through storytelling. Springster’s dynamic methods of measuring impact show how online activity shapes offline behaviour, leading to a dramatic shift in girls' knowledge, attitudes and actions.

By breaking down social barriers and forging friendships across borders, Springster enables girls to gain the kind of knowledge and power they need to become agents of their own change, wherever they live.

Springster features

Girl Effect partners with BBM Messenger in South Africa and Nigeria

Engaging content

Accessible on any device and tailored for lower bandwidth speeds, Springster publishes unique content every month in 13 languages, using formats from listicles and interviews to multimedia and infographics.

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Girls' stories

Springster encourages girl readers to submit their own stories via a monthly “Your Words” contest.  Since launching, thousands of girls have contributed their own writing to the site.

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Connected community

Girls can connect to the platform and with each other using features such as commenting threads, polls and reactions. Our trained team of moderators respond to thousands of questions and comments from girls every day. 

Our reach

12.7 million unique users

reached in the past year, with nearly 1 million monthly on average

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Our global footprint

Live in over 50 countries and 13 languages

with in-depth content and advanced features in South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines and Indonesia

Our platform

Top 5 most-accessed site on Freebasics

supported by 78 mobile operators

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