The Girl Declaration

The Girl Declaration is a call to action to put girls at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda. Let's make this the moment the world listens to girls.

Read it, support it, make it famous

This is the moment for girls to be heard

Through a series of groundbreaking consultations, 508 girls living in poverty – together with 25 of the world’s leading development organisations – created the Girl Declaration.

It contains recommended guiding principles, goals and targets and is the tool we use to stop poverty before it starts. Details of the five Girl Declaration goals are below, alongside the most important bit: the individual targets that will actually make them happen.


For girls to grow up with the skills and knowledge they need to take part in economic, social and cultural life


  1. Make sure girls have free, quality secondary school education
  2. Have girls reach recognised and measureable learning standards
  3. End violence, sexual exploitation and harassment at school 


For girls to have access to safe, age-appropriate info and services, plus the confidence to make healthy choices growing up.


  1. Halve the number of girls who become pregnant before the age of 18 by 2030
  2. Provide universal access to youth-friendly health info and services, regardless of marital status or pregnancy
  3. End practices including FGM. ‘Traditional’ doesn’t always mean right


For girls to be free from violence and exploitation, using laws and strong child-protection systems.


  1. End all violence against girls
  2. Give all girls access to a girl-friendly space
  3. Make sure states have ways to identify and report sexual violence against girls
  4. Stop trafficking and exploitation of girls

Economic security

For girls to know how to earn a safe and productive income, with the help of technical and practical skills, before they become women.


  1. Double girls’ savings and access to financial services by 2030
  2. Make sure all girls have financial know-how
  3. Reform laws so girls can open bank accounts and have equal rights to ownership

Voice & Rights

For girls to have equal access to services, opportunities, legal rights and personal freedoms.


  1. End child marriage by 2030
  2. Get all girls access to a legal identity
  3. Collect and sort data by age and sex
  4. Make sure girls’ views are listened to, respected and included when decisions are made about their lives

Hear what girls have to say

Every girl living in poverty has a voice. To create the Girl Declaration, we spoke to hundreds of those girls across the world. We asked about their hopes, dreams and ambitions. And what they need to reach their potential. Here’s what they had to say.

A world uniting behind girls

An army of girl advocates; committed to action. From Malala to Melinda Gates, they have all added their names to the Girl Declaration.

The evidence

Through reports, toolkits and videos, learn how and why the Girl Declaration was made and meet some of the girls we spoke to along the way.

Girls' stories

Every girl in poverty has a story. Meet Hannatu, Andressa and Jo – three of the girls who shaped the Girl Declaration.

Take action

The Girl Declaration, the Girl Declaration toolkit and Girl Consultation toolkits cover everything you need to support the declaration in any way you want. You can view or download each of these below.

To help you use the Girl Declaration in your own communications and events, we've also put together this folder of assets which you can download from our Dropbox page. It contains photos, videos, fonts, and design assets - everything you need for getting the Girl Declaration the attention it deserves, across all media, in ways that cannot be ignored.