Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA)

TEGA is a girl-operated mobile-enabled research tool that delivers accurate, rapid insight into girls' lives.

When it comes to understanding girls and attitudes to girls in hard to reach communities, conventional research methods, have limitations.

TEGA uses certified data-collection techniques and mobile technology to teach girls aged 18-24 how to collect meaningful, honest data about their world in real time. The data they collect can be translated and analysed within 15 minutes of being uploaded.

TEGA's bespoke research qualification equips girls with employable skills for the future, and it provides us and partners with authentic peer-to-peer insights to inform our work.

TEGA currently has networks operating in hard to reach communities in Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, India and the USA.

The age of TEGA interviewers working in local communities
The number of minutes within which data can be uploaded, analysed and reported

Groundbreaking mobile learning

Find out more about TEGA and what it gives girls.

TEGAs gain a digital interviewer qualification via their TEGA device

TEGA isn't just a research methodology, it's a qualification too. Together with research association The Market Research Society, we have designed a bespoke TEGA qualification that gathers credible data, while delivering mobile learning.

Girls undertake the three-month training via their mobile devices to become certified qualitative and quantitative digital interviewers. Not forgetting that TEGAs are teenage girls, we included gamification features to keep them engaged and motivated to qualify.

The result? A qualification that guarantees reliable data, provides girls with a skillset that can be used beyond TEGA and allows for rapid growth of the TEGA network.

TEGAs collect quantitative and qualitative data and media content.

TEGA's focus on video, photo and audio data collection allows those designing solutions to see the faces and hear the voices of the communities we need to understand. Through mobile technology we're empowering girls to teach us about their lives first hand.

TEGA is designed to keep her safe

Ensuring TEGA's safety is vitally important. That's why we created a panic button in the mobile device. Designed to operate without internet connection, TEGAs can press the button to alert community members instantly of their location, should they feel in danger. This function is the first of its kind on mobile feature phones.

TEGA is a bespoke innovation inspired by the world’s smartest technologies

TEGA's mobile technology is inspired by sources such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, online banking, karaoke apps, pirate movie streaming and even Tinder.

To minimise the chances of any content being exposed or leaked, it's deleted from the device once sent to the cloud – similar to Snapchat. Other features include the ability to remotely wipe all content on a lost or stolen phone and a unique audio consent recording that increases comprehension of consent for illiterate interviewees.

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