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The world is becoming increasingly connected, but as we experience the benefits we also run the risk of leaving behind some of our most marginalised global citizens: vulnerable adolescent girls. As well as facing barriers getting online, the online world isn't built for girls, with the majority of content reinforcing negative stereotypes. Vulnerable girls, living in poverty want to pursue their goals and aspirations, but a lack of self-belie and knowledge holds them back. They want to be a part of something and to support and celebrate each other. 

Springster* is a first of its kind; a mobile website for girls, by girls, tackling isolation by building a community-centric experience that keeps girls engaged and connected. By sharing girl stories from around the world, Springster helps girls build their confidence and unlock new attitudes and beliefs shaping the way they view their role in society. We inspire, inform and give girls the creative tools to help them express themselves.

Springster will shape the way an entire generation of girls view their role in society. Propelling girls everywhere to take on their world.

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With Springster we can help girls living in poverty navigate their way through adolescence by making an impact in these three key areas:


Improving girls' understanding of issues that are relevant to them


Improving girls' confidence and self-perception to encourage new aspirations


Positively changing girls' behaviours (outside of the platform) in ways that align with the New Normal

They are so helpful because they are helping me in making me who I really am.

Girl in Philippines, 16 years old

*Two years ago, working in partnership with Facebook Free Basics, we launched Girl Effect Mobile. Positioned as one of the top five best performing Free Basics sites, we have evolved GEM to become Springster.