A global mobile-first brand for girls to build knowledge, resilience and self-belief.

More and more girls are accessing the internet through mobile phones. In fact, over the next five years, two thirds of all new mobile subscribers will be female. The majority will come from low and middle income countries.

This represents an opportunity to reach and positively influence girls lives in a way that has not been possible before now.

Springster is global mobile-first platform which builds vulnerable girls' confidence and skills online to help them fulfil their potential offline.

One of Facebook Free Basics' top five most visited sites, Springster celebrates the diverse, inspirational and convention defying experiences of girls through entertaining and educational content and stories written for and by girls.

Springster helps girls find meaning and strength in each other's experiences. In so doing, it creates positive change in girls' lives by building their knowledge, resilience and self-belief.

By tracking real time usage, comments and user engagement, Springster uses a new impact methodology to measure how online behaviour can shape offline action and lead to shifts in girls' knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Our vision is to enable 100 million girls to find their voice online.

30 m
historical users
1.3 m
monthly unique users
66 countries
where we are live

With Springster we can help girls living in poverty navigate their way through adolescence by making an impact in these three key areas:


Improving girls' understanding of issues that are relevant to them


Improving girls' confidence and self-perception to encourage new aspirations


Positively changing girls' behaviours (outside of the platform) in ways that align with the New Normal

Springster has changed my life and my perspective. It has helped me understand the things I'm confused about and improve myself

Eliza, 15, Phillippines

*Two years ago, working in partnership with Facebook Free Basics, we launched Girl Effect Mobile. Positioned as one of the top five best performing Free Basics sites, we have evolved GEM to become Springster.