Ni Nyampinga – an unstoppable girl-led movement in Rwanda

The first youth brand in Rwanda, Ni Nyampinga is made for girls, by girls. Positive, inspiring, educational and entertaining, it's a multimedia editorial platform spanning magazine, radio and mobile.

By challenging set perceptions and showcasing female role models, Ni Nyampinga offers new skills and advice that girls cannot get elsewhere about education, sexual health and violence. Focusing on girl-led creation has driven the brand's cultural resonance and impact: it has directly reached more than one million girls, helping to unlock their true potential.

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girls aged 10-19 have consumed Ni Nyampinga radio or magazine
66 %
of girls say Ni Nyampinga has influenced their confidence to a great extent

"Ni Nyampinga has taught me that I can do anything a boy can do" 

- Schoolgirl, aged 16-19

Ni Nyampinga: the unstoppable girl-led movement in Rwanda

Ni Nyampinga's impact goes beyond individual girls – it reaches families, communities and the government.

Ni Nyampinga
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