Girl Networks

Girl Networks are online and real world youth clubs that harness the power of fun, inspiring and informative branded content.

Through physical safe spaces and two-way interactive technology, girls can build skills and knowledge, and connect at scale to create a new normal for themselves.

How we're connecting girls

By giving girls access to knowledge and each other, we're empowering them to apply new learnings to their own lives. 

Self-starting clubs for girls (and boys) that use multi-channel products to generate girl-led organic conversation

Formal clubs where our partners embed our approach into their work to strengthen engagement of, and impact for, girls

Safe spaces empower girls to take action while making their environment safe and supportive

Girls Connect

Girls Connect is a pioneering platform that allows girls to access information, conversations and one-to-one mentoring that is designed to enrich their lives. 

Girls can call a number and listen to on-demand content about various topics, ranging from friendship to safety. A trained female call centre adviser will then help them make sense of what they’ve heard and think about how to apply it to their own lives.

The first of its kind, Girls Connect is the result of a partnership between ISON, one of Africa’s largest IT companies, and Girl Effect. ISON brings its first-rate technical expertise and on-the-ground reach, through its call centres across Africa, while Girl Effect leads the creation of the concept and its detailed development, such as creating audio content and training call centre staff to the highest standards.

Girls Connect went live in areas of Kano state in Northern Nigeria in the summer of 2016.

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