Girl Effect Mobile (GEM)

Girl Effect Mobile is a global digital platform, connecting girls to inspiring content in 60 countries and 26 languages.

Developed in partnership with Facebook's Free Basics initiative, Girl Effect Mobile provides a platform that connects girls to vital information, entertaining content and to each other. By increasing girls' basic knowledge about health, education, financial security and safety, and enabling them to share stories and communicate with mentors, Girl Effect Mobile is helping build their self-confidence and ability to overcome cultural barriers.

By tailoring stories, advice and community features, such as commenting and polls, to each girl's geolocation, the platform serves girls' different needs, likes and wants to create an empowering and entertaining experience.

Girl Effect Mobile has reached more than 19 million people to date in over 61 countries, and the platform continues to explore new ways to create positive behaviour change for girls.

18 m
unique users reached with minimal advertising
70 %
of users aged 13-24
pieces of content consumed per visit on average

"When I read the life tips articles on Girl Effect, I'm more confident in my decision-making abilities… My knowledge is broadened." 

– Indonesian girl, aged 15

How Girl Effect Mobile works

Girl Effect Mobile provides empowering information that helps them overcome individual and social barriers they face in their day-to-day lives. It does this through:


By creating and sharing inspiring and location specific content, including real-life stories, polls, tips and advice, Girl Effect Mobile provides isolated girls with vital information and encouragement to challenge individual and social barriers


By building connections with and between girls, Girl Effect Mobile can connect its users to each other, providing a forum where they can support each other. 

Services and sources

Girl Effect Mobile works in collaboration with a trusted network of partners to provide carefully vetted content and assets. A girl expert team and a girl safety consultant ensure we are delivering information girls can rely on.

The mobile media network empowering millions

GEM is connecting girls to knowledge and services, and to each other. Girls can access pioneering digital tools like mobile saving accounts, a CV builder and virtual mentorship while polls, profiles and games create an entertaining experience.

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