Ni Nyampinga and the 12+ programme feature in Huck Magazine's, 'Rwanda Rising' series

Earlier this year, international advocacy organization RESULTS UK approached us, interested in the work we do in Rwanda.

This led to 5 British and American journalists making the trip to Kigali to see first hand what we do. They were shown around the 12+ programme and introduced to Ni Nyampinga by Emma Roscoe, Becky Palmstrom and Flavia Mutamutega.

Following this, Alex King published the article ‘Meet the young journalists building a new identity for Rwandan girls’ for Huck magazine. It’s a beautifully written piece about Ni Nyampinga as part of the ‘Rwanda Rising’ series.

The article recognizes how ‘the teenager is a new phenomenon in Rwanda’ and celebrates how Ni Nyampinga is ‘leading effort to empower young girls’, creating ‘space for teenage growth and community’. King goes on to mention how 12+ and Ni Nyampinga both aim to promote female empowerment and encourage girls to both express themselves and their rights.

The article also quotes Ni Niampinga editor Emma-Claudine Ntirenganya and journalist Nicole Isimbi to back up the main points, finishing with Nicole’s statement on how her generation is going to make a massive difference.

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