Girl Effect Launches Open Studios

In collaboration with Swarm, we have launched Open Studios, an open, distributed, creative network of global contributors interested in using creativity and ideas to accelerate positive change for girls.

We’re seeking inspiring, creative humans with big hearts and open minds to participate in a project looking to create a new normal for girls everywhere but with particular emphasis on Nigeria, Indonesia and India.

We’re exploring how a combination of creativity, brand, media formats, technology, cultural intelligence, storytelling and girl centred design can produce brilliant ideas with potential to spread fast and create a new normal for girls and youth in these countries.

Think Yegna, Ni Nyampinga, Burka Avenger, Skateistan, and beyond.

This year, in late September and October we’re taking Open Studios on the road, so we’re seeking people on the ground in Lagos, Mumbai and Jakarta and people on the web globally who want to get involved in this mission.

We’re seeking creative human beings, to participate in a number of ways, from sharing some knowledge or connections on the ground, to attending two day creative sprints in country, to being a sounding board for idea development, or even a trusted advisor/partner on the ground as the project gets more tangible.

If this excites you and you fit one of these profiles below then OPEN STUDIOS wants to hear from you…

Fixers – You live in Lagos, Mumbai or Jakarta. You’re super connected and super organised, you get things done. You know creative networks, you’re able to bring interesting people with ideas together, you know how things tick in that city, and you will be able to be a point person for us on the ground, helping create the conditions for when we arrive in the city to sprint on ideas with a local crew. Fixers will be rewarded for their efforts.

Creative participant – You’re creatively brilliant, motivated and curious about the ability of ideas to create a new normal for girls and youth. You will have a profile of at least one of the below and be willing and able to take part in a two day creative sprint when we come to your city…

  • Strong experience in developing and launching a media format or product aimed at youth audiences  – think music, radio, TV, web, mobile, games, events etc
  • Strong experience in youth culture, as a creator of projects and initiatives or as a trusted commentator, journalist or consultant with deep connections in youth culture and networks.
  • Creatively active – designing, concepting, producing and activating real projects engaging youth within music, film, TV, web, animation, experiences, social purpose, culture change etc – craft skills, networks, real experience of what it takes to create and engage on the ground.

Contributor – You share the Girl Effect global ambition, have the talent and skills that you feel are relevant and you want to contribute ideas to OPEN STUDIOS online, not in person.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please register.