Ni Nyampinga launches first single and music video to add to radio shows and magazine

To celebrate the end of its first radio drama series, Ni Nyampinga unveils Uri njye to Rwanda’s youth.

As the first season of its new radio drama, Ni Nyampinga Sakwe, draws to a close, Ni Nyampinga launches its first ever single and music video for the song Uri njye - to reach even more young people in Rwanda.

Featuring the seven creative young boys and girls from the radio drama, Uri njye is a term in Kinyarwanda that describes the connections people can form when they try to relate to one another. The song is about friendship and togetherness, and says friends can see you through any challenges in life.

Ni Nyampinga shares messages with young people through the power of stories. The music video follows the same concept, by using visual storytelling to add depth to the drama’s storylines.

Music has been widely used as a means to inspire social change, thanks to its ability to connect with large audiences, particularly young people.

A fan of Ni Nyampinga Sakwe said: “What a group Valentine has! These kids have a very strong bond of love for sure! I am very impressed by the way they went to help Ngabire so that she can complete all her chores and go for rehearsals. We love you.”

You can watch the music video here