Adolescence: The Age of Opportunity (Girl Effect and Devex webinar)


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10-year-olds are bigger risk takers than 15-year-olds – but what does that mean for designing programmes?

Developed in partnership with Robert Blum at Johns Hopkins University, Girl Effect is launching Adolescence: Age and Stage; a cutting-edge report fusing biological and cognitive science research with international development expertise to explore the distinct stages of adolescence. 

This question, and many more, will be answered during The Age of Opportunity webinar, hosted by Devex, to discuss the report’s findings and how adolescent research can shape more effective interventions on gender equality.

Date: Tuesday 12th September, 2017

Time: 09.00 EDT / 14.00 BST  

During the one-hour webinar, listeners will be given exclusive access to the findings and hear from experts working in behavioural science and gender norms – including Girl Effect’s Gender Director, Katherine Nichol, Robert Blum of Johns Hopkins University and Dr Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli, World Health Organisation.

Katherine said: “Adolescence is a key time to enable young people to start adulthood healthy, empowered and with the agency to achieve. But all too often this stage is lumped into one bucket. Age and Stage uncovers a series of ‘golden threads’ that define each distinct stage of adolescence, drawing comparisons between each phase and how they emerge at different times  for girls and boys,” she explains.

“These findings offer a new opportunity for designing development interventions that are more effective, more streamlined and more scalable. We look forward to sharing these insights more widely and show how we are already applying the findings to our own programmes.”  

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