East London hosts first-ever Girl Effect Live festival

London's Brick Lane was taken over by some of the UK's brightest talent yesterday, when it played host to the Girl Effect Live festival.

Across the themes of identity, safety and opportunity, the festival raised awareness among the public of key issues that will be discussed tomorrow at the Girl Summit, a day-long event by the UK government and Unicef to mobilise international efforts to end child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Alex Duffy, 23, was among the thousands who came to show their support during the day: "You hear facts and figures all the time, but experiences like today - here, and at all the other venues - make it mean so much more to me," she said. "The immersive theatre was really motivating, and hearing a story about early forced marriage, told in a girl's voice - while taking the journey with her - was really vivid."

Throughout the day, the girl effect was celebrated in true London style with creative workshops, amazing entertainment and stellar performances from female comedians, street artists and spoken-word poets. Dizraeli, Megan Beech, Wah Nails, Punchdrunk Entertainment, Ava Vidal, BaddaBoomTee and many more took part and showed their support.

The day's celebration finished with music and some very wise words from Jessie J: "I decide what I have for breakfast. I decide what I wear. I decide who I love - and not everyone does. Anyone with choice, especially the girls and women here, has the opportunity and responsibility to make sure that everyone gets that choice."

Stay tuned for a full-length feature on Girl Effect Live.

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