Six Inspirational Ideas for the G20 Leaders

The message from the G(irls)20 Summit was clear: girls must be the priority in global economic policy.

If there's one document that world leaders should all read before they gather for the G20 Summit in St Petersburg on 5-6 September, it's this one - the communique from the G(irls)20 Summit.

G20 is a forum for the world's 20 leading nations to discuss the global economic agenda, and the delegates at G(irls)20 - which took place in Moscow last week - have certainly given them something to think about in their recommendations.

The message from both the communique and the discussions at the summit is clear: agenda point number one at G20 should be empowering girls in the developing world.

G(irls)20 provided loads of inspiration for how that can be achieved. Here are six ideas from the speakers at the summit…

1. Make girls a priority

The president and CEO of G(irls)20, Farah Mohamed, said that investing in girls would catalyse global development.

2. Ask girls what they need

Ellina Nurmukhametova, the Russian delegate, stressed that top-level development decisions affecting girls' lives cannot be made without their input from the start. US delegate Jenni Lee argued that girls should be put on advisory boards.

3. Use education to tackle harmful practices

Child marriage is a tradition, but that doesn't mean it has to stay. Change can happen with support from global leaders and community education programmes, according to Elders member Graça Machel.

4. Empower girls to take economic control

Turkish delegate Dinara Zhorobekova let the numbers speak for themselves: studies show that women invest 90 per cent of their earnings back into the family, compared with 30 per cent for men.

5. Use technology to improve girls' skills and earning potential

Jensine Larsen, the founder of online network World Pulse, told the summit that when girls have access to technology it unlocks a wave of potential, leading to improved employment prospects, higher earning potential and nationwide economic benefits.

6. Make it scalable

When it comes to priorities for the G20 leaders, the president of NoVo Foundation, Jennifer Buffett, put forward a watertight case for girls. If you change the prospects of adolescent girls on a big enough scale, you will transform societies.

Are you listening, G20 leaders?

Read the G(irls)20 Summit communique in full

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