All for one: Uniting grassroots girl organisations

The Girls’ Globe network is making the girl effect a r from the ground up

Grassroots development organisations are doing incredible work for girls - but with the right collaborative tools, they could be even more effective.

That's the view of Julia Wiklander, founder of Girls' Globe, which is aiming to unite grassroots organisations across the world.    

"What I have seen when I have had connections with many smaller organisations around the world is that they are very isolated, and at the same time I can see that they have so much in common," says Julia.

"There are organisations in India that could really work with some in Nepal and both could benefit from the learnings of organisations in Kenya."

A girl effect network

Julia began Girls' Globe in 2011 as a place where she could write about her passion - improving the world for girls. It has grown into a network of 15 dedicated writers and provides a vital mouthpiece for small grassroots organisations.

Development groups can post blogs and link to their own website, Facebook page or Twitter account from the Girls' Globe site. And there are bigger plans in the pipeline when it comes to collaboration.

"The organisations that contact us want to be visible and post or share information," says Julia. "But they don't always have the resources to actually write about their work, or they don't have the skills in English so they can't share that information."

Girls' Globe's goal is to provide an online searchable database of grassroots organisations working on girls' issues, providing contact information and details about projects.

"We can actually become a hub where we can benefit from each other and where we can put together documents or best practices that can be used for other organisations," says Julia.

Everyone’s invited

And it's not just people working directly with development organisations who stand to benefit. Spreading awareness about girls' issues is a key part of the Girls' Globe ethos and that's why the database will be open to all interested parties.

"I think it's so important that people recognise that there is so much more they can do to make an impact and it doesn't have to be so far out of their routine," says Elisabeth Jessop, Girls' Globe's representative in the US and the first blogger to start working with Julia.

Julia adds: "If you are travelling to a country and you want to do something good there but you don't know what, it's usually quite difficult to get in touch with people."

That's where Girls' Globe comes in. By helping volunteers find grassroots organisations, and grassroots organisations find each other, they are building a more connected development world. And that's great news for girls.   

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