Investing in girls can stop poverty

A report into the economic advantages of adding girls to development plans.

Investing in girls can stop poverty before it starts. It is central to allowing girls, and then women - 50 per cent of the world's population - to lead better, fairer and more productive lives, boosting development and tackling the causes of poverty. Girls who are more educated earn more income, have greater access to family health information and services, are more likely to delay early marriage and childbirth, and have healthier babies.

Smarter Economics: Investing in Girls uses findings from the 2012 World Development Report and other sources to show how adding girls to development plans can deliver a huge economic upside and breaks the cycle of intergenerational poverty.


"Taking action is simple. It doesn't mean changing everything. It just takes including girls in what you are already doing. Economic growth and competitiveness. Food security. Climate change. Migration. HIV/Aids. Population growth. Maternal mortality and reproductive health. Peace and security. You get the idea. If there is an issue you are working on, including girls will deliver better results. And be careful: don't assume they are already included. Find out."

Authored by:

Nike Foundation and World Bank