Tracking Progress for Adolescent Girls - Indicators for the SDGs

What gets measured, gets done. For the SDGs to be successful for girls, global indicators are essential.

We urge world leaders to ensure that the post-2015 framework process includes and invests in SDG indicators that reflect the full reality of girls’ lives.

Data on adolescent girls will help us make better-targeted, more strategic interventions that support girls in achieving their full potential and contribute to the framework’s overall success. What gets measured gets done.

Without this data, we don’t know where adolescent girls are thriving, where they are most in need, and which programs and initiatives are must successful at delivering the difference for them. This will hinder our ability to achieve the ambitious agenda of the Global Goals.

We must support the development of new indicators to measure these ambitious indicators. This is the only way to ensure the most vulnerable populations, particularly adolescent girls, benefit equally from the Agenda and are not left behind.