Girl Hub Pilot Study Report: Collecting Stories about Girls' Lives in Ethiopia

Implementation report from a story collection pilot study, exploring the use of the SenseMaker methodology to understand girls' lives.

In 2012, Girl Hub Ethiopia commissioned Sub Saharan Africa Research and Training Center (SART) to conduct a pilot study to answer the following questions:

To what extent are SenseMaker® and attitudinal survey feasible tools for collecting girls' stories? Is this methodology relevant and practical in Ethiopia? If so, under which circumstances?

Four basic questions will guide this summary:

What did we do? What worked? What didn't? and What's next? Further information is available in the technical report that follows.

A draft manual for future high-quality implementation in Ethiopia is included in Appendix A, sample stories are included in Appendix B, and preliminary survey results in Appendix C.


Rita Fierro, Yonas Zewdu, Michael Tirfe, Yehenew Demelash