Safe Spaces Prototyping: A human-centred approach

Analysis from prototype testing of two innovative Safe Spaces models, co-designed with Northern Nigerian girls.

In 2012/13, Girl Hub Nigeria worked with Northern Nigerian girls to understand the barriers they face, as well as the assets they possess. The aim was to use design innovation to expand upon the traditional Safe Spaces work and find new models that could work at scale.

Out of this listening project came a series of insights about a girl's daily life and some of the areas of opportunity embedded there. And out of those opportunity areas came a set of 10 innovative ideas which centred on the use of Safe Spaces as a model. From further refinement, two ideas were selected to be taken forward to prototyping, and tested in the field in Zaria with 140 girls over four days.

This toolkit talks through the two models that we tested, with the successes and watch-outs of each. This work will help us both to inform traditional safe spaces work and to show new ways forward.