Victories over violence: Ensuring safety for girls and women

How to address violence against girls and women? Ask girls and women. This manual does, and explores the issue in three ways: private, public and global

Yes, violence against girls and women is a global problem, but local causes can be very specific. Based on years of research by the Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), Victories Over Violence proves this with case studies from places as diverse as Haiti and the United States.

In each section, case studies look at the causes and consequences of violence against girls and women. Each case study covers choices that victims made to re-build their lives and measures they took to tackle violence.  

This manual is aimed at practitioners but Haleh Vazuru, who co-authored it with Mahnaz Afkhami, says that everyone has a role to play: "It could be an ordinary citizen who is a witness to some form of violence against women and girls, it could be an activist or advocate, and it could be someone from a variety of different professional fields who has to deal with the causes and consequences of gender violence."