The adolescent experience in-depth: using data to identify and reach the most vulnerable young people in Rwanda

An in-depth body of evidence on the social, demographic, health and economic lives of young people, particularly girls, in Rwanda.

The tables, charts and maps have been carefully selected to serve as the foundation of a body of empirical evidence to support decisions around the analysis and design of policies; the targeting of resources for programs aimed at specific subgroups within the youth and adolescent population; advocacy campaigns to help mainstream the needs of girls and other vulnerable young people into the policy agenda; and initiatives aimed at reducing the inequities in access to services and programs experienced by young people of different social, economic and ethnic groups or geographic areas.

The data presented here are meant to inform, encourage the asking of questions, and foster local engagement and action.

Ideally, they will serve as the evidence-base for the next generation of adolescent and youth programs, and will serve as a guide for creating policies that target large, neglected subgroups at critical points in their lifecycle before irreversible and often tragic problems arise.