Girls and Income Growth in Ethiopia

This study identifies and prioritizes the country-specific constraints to higher return investments in adolescent girls.

It includes obstacles for girls contributing to, and benefiting from, economic growth in Ethiopia. It will support decision-making on options to reap the benefits of investing in girls as they transition to adulthood.

Although the report approaches its analysis from the perspective of the girl, it adopts a more holistic view that considers how the challenges of adolescent girls are connected to boys and men, as well as to their opportunities when they become women.

Ethiopia has potential growth opportunities from a demographic dividend as birth rates decline, but there is a limited window of opportunity to fix labour market distortions and get the most out of Ethiopia's human resources during this period of growth.

The study presents analysis of areas where there are potential constraints to higher return investments in girls, including: domestic work responsibilities; child marriage and pregnancy; education; health; migration; access to markets and productive inputs; social norms; information and communication technologies; and employment segregation. 

This report identifies the priority areas within the Ethiopian economy that can be strengthened through greater investment in girls, given limited financial resources.