Adolescent Girls: Expert Meeting Report

This document records the outcome of a meeting of technical experts held on 17-18 October 2012 in London.

The workshop was hosted by the UK Department for International Development and Girl Hub. It drew together more than 60 leading experts working on adolescent girl research and evaluation to discuss priority research and evidence gaps and methodological issues for research in this area.

This document acts as a record of that meeting, sets out its context and captures the output so that it can inform ongoing and future work by the hosting organisations and by others present.

A series of Issue Papers were also created for this meeting, which you can download here: 

Adolescent Girls and Economic Assets: Programme Mapping

Investment in Adolescent Girls' Physical and Financial Assets

A Review of Control-Comparison Interventions on Girls and Health

Adolescent Girls and Health: Programme Mapping

Reducing Societal Discrimination Against Adolescent Girls

Adolescent Girls and Social Norms: Programme Mapping

A Review of Interventions to Reduce Violence Against Girls

Adolescent Girls and Violence: Programme Mapping

Education for Girls: Alternative Pathways to Girls' Empowerment

Measuring the Economic Gain of Investing in Girls


DFID & Girl Hub