I know. I want. I dream.
Girls' insights for building a better world.

The methodologies & findings from over 500 adolescent girls living in poverty that shaped the Girl Declaration.

Based on the direct research with over 500 adolescent girls living in poverty across four continents, this report covers the methodologies and findings that helped shape the Girl Declaration, giving an in-depth look at the evidence used to develop a unified agenda for girls.

The 508 girls consulted were eager to share their ideas and opinions with the global community. Describing the greatest challenges and opportunities they face in their daily lives, and sharing their hopes and dreams, they articulated the changes they want to see in their homes, schools, communities and society. They reminded us that they are still not being heard, despite repeated promises from decision makers at all levels to listen and value their insights. And they explained the consequences of our failure to listen: girls are the future, and any policies that do not include them risk losing the potential they represent, making our work harder and moving our success further out of reach.

This report summarises the voices of these girls, and issues a challenge to everyone to do more for the future women of this world.