Programming for rural girls in Ethiopia

This toolkit is designed to help overcome the challenges of rural Ethiopia - from lack of schools to lack of roads.

There are more than 7.5 million adolescent girls living in rural areas of Ethiopia. These girls are unlikely to finish school, are vulnerable to early marriage and childbirth and are often missed by the social programmes which could benefit them.

Reaching girls in rural areas holds special challenges in Ethiopia. The road network is poor, there are few primary schools and even fewer secondary schools. This toolkit is designed to help overcome those challenges. It is aimed at practitioners who are seeking to build or improve programmes for rural adolescent girls in Ethiopia.


"The most relevant, effective and successful programmes for girls are usually those that are grounded in the realities of girls themselves, and drawn from a base of evidence with girls at its centre. A programme that is truly evidence-based starts with a picture of the girl."

Authored by:

Population Council